August 2013

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Photos may be included and should be sent in a jpg format at a minimum of 225 dpi resolution. Black and white or color photos can be used, providing the picture is of good quality and not too small.

Cost to have an Obituary Published in the Mascot and put on the website is a flat $25 with or without photo.

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Anniversary Party Announcement Ad -
2 x 2 = $28.00 per week Black/White - $78.00 per week in Color
2 x 3 = $42.00 per week Black/White - $92.00 per week in Color
2 x 4 = $56.00 per week Black/White - $106.00 per week in Color

About The Mascot

Welcome to the Mascot of Minneota.

We're a newspaper dating back to 1891, so have been providing over 125 years of publishing.

In July of 2009 the Minneota Mascot ended 66 years of operation under the Guttormsson family when Byron Higgin, Jeff and Julie Meyer of Pelican Rapids, MN purchased the paper from Jon Guttormsson.

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