Ole Pappy

This is my 12th year of covering Minneota football. In those years, I’ve experienced very few defeats, not much frustration and only a little anguish.

This is a photo taken by my friend near his apartment in Madison, SD on Thursday morning. Madison received 11 inches of rain in 48 hours which lead to intense flooding.

Milk Maid

Take a look around and you’ll quickly notice that our area was dumped on with rain yet again. The waterways are overflowing again and fields now look like lakes again.

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Dear Editor;

You are doing a great job on the paper. I enjoy it very much.

Chuck Josephson, Arizona

Ole Pappy

Time to remember My son Josh has been transplanted to North Carolina, leaving his Minnesota roots behind him. But every so often I can tell he likes to stay connected.

Milk Maid

Unless you have been living under a rock, or you haven’t been paying attention to local and national news, you have probably heard about vaping.


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