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Lawn mowing and other tips

It finally looks as if spring is here. Trees are budding, flowers are coming up and the grass has taken off. With all of the growth, it is important to remember a few tips. If your trees or shrubs are entering the walking path of a sidewalk or the driving path of an alley, you will need to have them cut back.

If it is a boulevard tree, please let the city know and we will trim it. When you mow your lawn you can't blow any grass into the street. If you do, you will need to go back and clean it up when you are done with the mowing.

If you have piles of brush or sticks, you need to remove them so that cats and other animals don't use it for nesting. If you have a garage or building with a roof that has collapsed, you will need to remove it as well so that animals don't use it for nesting.

I know this may sound picky but every year we receive nuisance compliance regarding concerns such as these.

Please take some time this week to inspect your property and determine what needs to be done and when you will be able to do it.

I don't want to issue citations for violations of the nuisance ordinance and it is easier to clean up in the spring than in the heat of the summer.

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