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Several cases are moving through the justice system

The recent burglaries at three local businesses are with the Lyon County Attorney for review and charging. Marshall Police Department is taking the lead role in investigating a string of fraudulently used checks where were stolen in Tyler with one of the checks making its way to Minneota.

The felony assault against an officer during Bug Days along with the citations issued for drugs and underage drinking should also be resolved soon.

Most recently, I was dispatched to a fight in progress and when I arrived I saw an individual actively assaulting another. This resulted in an arrest for domestic assault. It is important to keep in mind any criminal case resulting in an arrest or charges involves hours of investigation and report writing.

The success of any case depends greatly on the information that can be collected and presented to the Lyon County Attorney.

Bug Days went well despite an increase in criminal activity.

Those responsible were not from Minneota or had recently moved to Minneota. A great deal of planning went into the security for Bug Days and as with all large public events, there is a certain amount of unpredicability that may arise to challenge our preparedness.

My officers and I are able to deal with those challenges by seizing drugs and alcohol, issuing citations and making arrests. I don’t believe this year’s festivities were any different than previous years.

We are simply in the right place at the right time to either witness and/or respond to problems.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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