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Rise of deadly violence

A chief concern of an law enforcement agencies is the rise of deadly violence in schools, business and public venues.

What was once called, "Active Shooter" is now being referred to "Violent Critical Incidents" due to individuals using knives, explosives and other weapons to harm innocent people.

The frequency of these incidents seem to be increasing along with the development of tactics as new offenders learn from mistakes made by previous offenders.

In recognition of this concern, I recently had the opportunity to attend the ALICE Instructor Training Course in Luverne, Minnesota.

ALICE is a program used to help, “Organizations train their personnel for Violent Critical Incidents.”

ALICE can be used for schools, businesses, churches or any organization where groups of people can be found.

ALICE is an acronym that means: A = Alert, L = Lockdown, I = Inform, C = Counter, E = Evacuate.

As an instructor, I am authorized to teach the ALICE principles to organizations in Minneota.

If you are or your organization is interested in learning more, please contact me.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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