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Victor or victim

I recently attended a meeting where we were asked to consider if we are victors or victims. It seems that our society would have us believe that we are victims of everyone and everything.

From politics to home. From work to play. When things don't turn out in our favor, we are told we are victims. Victims at the mercy of someone or something.

Yes, bad things happen but that doesn't mean you must accept the label of victim. In fact you have the RIGHT, POWER and ABILITY to be a VICTOR.

Victimhood has become profitable in our society where pity and sympathy is heaped upon the individual.

It has become a badge of honor, a preferential stereotype that strives to keep you a victim and serve agendas that do nothing to help or change our lives.

I choose not to put my energy or resources into victimhood.

Rather, I choose to support, fight for, defend and proclaim VICTORS who have survived, overcome and stand tall.

Bad things happen to all and the only thing you truly have control over is how you deal with it.

Victors are survivors. In the face of hardship and pain, they have an attitude of strength.

Victors know that success is not guaranteed but they believe that they will overcome their hardship, trial and pain.

Victors will come out stronger, smarter and more appreciative of the life they have. I encourage you to be a victor in the face of victimhood.

I encourage you to see yourself as I see you; strong, resilient and brave.

The choice is yours.

Minneota Police Chief

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