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The Icelandic Cookbook

Last week I introduced you to a new/old cookbook made here in Minneota by the Young Ladies’ Union of St. Paul’s Icelandic Lutheran Church. This cookbook belonged to Pearl Jones and I thought you would like some more recipes.

(Cheat sheet for the six temperatures: Very slow oven=250-275, Slow oven=300-325, Moderate oven=350-375, Hot oven=400-425, Very hot oven=450-475 and Extremely hot oven=500-525.)

If you have more information or background on this group that made this cookbook, please email or call me.

Sweet Potato Turnadoe by Jennie Johnson

Select sweet potatoes about 2 inch diameter. Cook, peel and cut in pieces 2 inches long and around each piece wrap a thin slice of bacon, fasten with a toothpick.

Arrange in baking dish and bake in a hot oven until bacon is done. Canned sweet potatoes may also he used.

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