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Organize your space

Organize your space with cereal boxes. This can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or your office. (Another clever idea for a 4-H project dealing with recycling maybe?)

All you need is cereal boxes, scissors, wrapping paper, mod podge adhesive.

Cereal box Organizers

1) Start with an empty drawer.

2) Next set cereal box in drawer and mark where the top of the drawer hits. Cut along the line all around the box. Repeat for as many boxes you need to fill the drawer.

3) Cut out pieces of wrapping paper to fit just right in the inside of the cereal box making creases and being careful not to rip the paper. Use the mod podge as adhesive and use a thin layer on top. This will help it last longer.

4) Repeat for all organizers and let it dry.

5) Finally, fill with your items. Note: You could use duct tape instead of wrapping paper and mod podge.

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