Mail time!


Great job Minneota

Dear Editor;

Congratulations on continuing to produce an award-winning paper.

I anticipate the Letter from Home each week with the news, special features, photos and of-course, sports highlights!

You should be extremely proud of all the hard work and hours it takes to make the Mascot a truly great paper!

Congratulations also must be extended to the Viking Sports Teams.

Minneota has become a household name as it continues to produce championship teams.

The recent accomplishments of the football and volleyball teams are remarkable.

There is a great deal of determination, grit and no quit effort among these teams. Most certainly these accomplishments are testament to a community, the athletes, coaches, teachers, parents and fans who support.

They all put in hours of work and sacrifice in fielding such great teams!

Nice work, and keep it up during the winter sports season.

Go Minneota!

Leonard Coequyt


P.S. — It’s also so great to see the grade point averages of these teams and the high school test scores. So High!

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