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Mascot followed me

Dear Editor;

Back in 1945 when I left Minneota (my hometown and garden spot of the world) for St. Olaf College in Northfield, my mother subscribed to the Mascot for me. Two other classmates from Minneota also enjoyed reading my Mascot — namely Bette Olevson Schuldt and Illa Mae Konold Peterson.

The Mascot has followed me to Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Washington and back to North Dakota. Keep up the good work!

Elsie Keys

Valley City, ND

50 Years Ago is fun

Dear Editor;

I enjoy reading the Mascot and I look forward to continuing to receive it. It’s great to read about my home town, even though I have not lived there for a long time. The 50 years ago column is now getting particularly fun, especially the recent one that announced I was writing articles for the Mascot.

Thanks again to doing such a great job.

Marc Larson

Gilbert, AZ

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