Minneota in 1914.

From the Mascot Files: 75, 50, and 25 years ago

75 Years Ago-Jan. 8, 1943

Two killed in crash

Two young men were killed in a highway accident one mile east of Marshall at 1:30 Sunday morning, January 3rd, a third is still in serious condition at a Marshall hospital, and the driver and one other passenger escaped with lesser injuries. Of the five men in the car, four were minors. The accident occurred at the dead-end intersection where Highway 23, coming south from Green Valley, enters highway 19. Dead are Clifford Rasmussen, 15, of Russell, and Roy Wigton, 30, of Tyler, Emith DeMuth, 16, of Russell is in a critical condition with a fractured skull. Gerald Burckhardt, 20, of Balaton, driver of the car, suffered broken ribs and a broken bone in the foot, and Alvin Christensen, 17, of Tyler has a sprained arm and ankle. He went home on Sunday afternoon. The car apparently failed to make a right turn when coming south toward Highway 19, and proceeded across the grade of Highway 19, hurtled across a 26 foot ditch and crashed in to the south bank. Witnesses claim that the car was going at an excessive rate of speed.

No stamp, no gas

Trucks which have no tire inspector’s stamp on their rations book after January 15th, and car drivers who haven’t the inspection stamp after January 31st, will be unable to buy gas. Five service stations in Minneota have applied for authority to act as tire inspectors, and when duly appointed, will be issued rubber stamps with which to certify approval of each driver’s tires. Each casing and tube will be thoroughly checked for bad spots, and where necessary, vulcanizing or recapping will be ordered. The repair must be made and brought back for the inspector’s OK before the stamp is placed in the ration book.

50 Years Ago-Jan. 11, 1968

Clifton girl wins speaking contest

Charlene Hodges of the Clifton 4-H club was selected the winner in last Saturday’s radio speaking contest. Reserve champion was Anne DeCock of Grandview, the 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter DeCock of rural Ghent. One of the judges was Rev. Dean S. Finke of Minneota.

Open House

An open house reception honoring Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gorecki of Taunton on their silver wedding anniversary will be held at Sts. Cyril and Methodius church parlors on Sunday, January 21.

Canby Theater

Violent adventure of a double agent Christopher Plummer and Yul Brynner in “Triple Cross” Romantic comedy staring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney in “Two for the Road”

Boulton, Schwartz named Minneota Bank Directors

Robert Boulton, Porter community farmer, and Harold Schwartz, Minneota business man, were elected to the board of directors of the First State Bank of Minneota when stockholders of that institution held their annual meeting Tuesday morning of this week. Other members of the board who were re-elected at this same meeting were Don J. Venne, Edward M. Amundson and Dr. M. Schulte.

25 Years Ago-Jan. 6, 1993

New Council members

Looking over the agenda before Monday evening’s Council meeting was Eric Bot and Jerry Bottelberghe before the Oath of Office. The two “take over” the offices previously held by Kevin Anundson and Jon Lien.

Christmas trees provide habitat cover

The Minneota Jaycees staged their annual Christmas tree pick up on Sunday, and this huge pile of green was the result of their work. Two of the Jaycees, Kevin Swedzinski and Mike Downing, helped to set up the Christmas trees at the “Taunton 80” on Monday. The trees provide a good cover for wildlife in the area, and will help many of the small critters survive our harsh winter.

Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary

Cecil and AnnaBelle Hofteig are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on January 9th. City voters receive commendation Joan A. Growe, Minnesota’s Secretary of State, awarded the City of Minneota a “Certificate of Achievement” for exceeding the 70% voter turnout at the general election in November.

Photos by Minneotan on display at SSU

A photography exhibit by Lois Winter of Minneota will be on display January 19 through February 5 in the William Whipple Gallery at Southwest State University in Marshall. Winter’s award-winning work centers around photographs of children, nature and outdoor scenes, with special attention to sunlight as it plays on the subjects of her pictures.

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