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It's not the heat, but the humidity

If I was given the choice of choosing between winter or summer, I would choose summer 100% of the time. In my opinion, summer is superior to winter for many reasons. We have more hours of sunlight, you can stay outside longer and enjoy it, when you travel, you don’t have to worry about snow. In the summer you don’t have to walk or drive through snow. It also doesn’t take 20 minutes to get ready to go outside in the summer. Just slip on some shoes and go! However, winter does have its perks.

There are no bugs like flies and mosquitoes. There isn’t any humidity in the air either. Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in air. Water vapor, the gaseous state of water, is generally invisible to the human eye.

Humidity indicates the likelihood for precipitation, dew, or fog to be present. The amount of water vapor needed to achieve saturation increases as the temperature increases. You can instantly feel the humidity hit you like a ton of bricks when you step outside during the summer. When you hear the weatherman talk about humidity, dew point readings are relevant in the summer months. You can also notice it when the dew point is high too.

Most of the time in Minnesota during the summer our dew points hang out in the 60s range, but they can climb into more tropical settings like dew points in the 70s. Comfortable dew points are in the 50s.

The dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapor. When further cooled, the airborne water vapor will condense to form liquid water. When air cools to its dew point through contact with a surface that is colder than the air, water will condense on the surface. I hate humidity.

I loathe the moment you step outside you start sweating and everything instantly sticks to you. Your clothes, dust, sweat, hair from your dog, you name it, and it’ll stick to you. I hate when you sit outside on lawn plastic furniture and it sticks to you too.

It always seems the more humid it gets, the more mosquitoes you’ll get too. Humidity also wrecks havoc on hair. It really doesn’t pay some days to do your hair in the summer because of how frizzy it gets.

Despite the humidity, I will still take summer over winter, hands down. I can live with the heat, but the humidity is tough. As the old saying goes, it’s not the heat, but the humidity.

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