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Way to show the world the Bold North, Minnesota!

Despite having a case of the “Big Game Blues,” I still watched the second half of the NFL’s championship game on Sunday. I thought it was a fun half, despite not liking either team and there being absolutely no defense.

Because I’m still bitter about the Minnesota Vikings losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game, I had to stop watching once Philly won.

The sight of the Eagles players and their rowdy fans hosting the coveted Lombardi trophy in our magnificent stadium made me sick.

I was pretty salty throughout most of the game because U.S. Bank Stadium didn’t look quite right. The amount of purple was great, but the lack of Vikings was a bummer.

It still was so neat to see Minnesota showcased on one of the biggest stages in all of sports and U.S. Bank Stadium is an architectural gem.

My favorite parts of the big game were it being held in Minnesota, (obviously) Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance and the NFL commercial featuring the New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning and wide receiver Odell Beckham, Junior.

As a long time fan of Timberlake’s, I made sure to record it.

The purpose of a halftime show is to be entertained, and I was entertained! The beginning started out slow, but then it really picked up.

For his song, “Suit & Tie”, Timberlake featured the University of Minnesota’s marching band. It was so neat to see local band students involved in the halftime show and they did a great job.

Personally, I thought Timberlake’s tribute to Prince was classy and amazing. I also enjoyed the production tricks that showed the Prince symbol in royal purple draped all over downtown Minneapolis.

The sight of Timberlake on the piano with the stadium barely lit with just lights from cell phones was breathtaking.

My brother Grady thought it was fun to think that he has stood and played where Timberlake was performing. But Grady did say, “I can’t dance like him at all.”

Timberlake ended his performance with a bang by singing everyone’s favorite, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.

Some of the colorful dancers on the field that joined him are high school dance students from all across Minnesota. If you watched the halftime show, you would have noticed a young man that Timberlake took a “selfie” with.

I was kind of screaming at the T.V. because Justin Timberlake was singing next to this kid and the kid didn’t know what to do. He awkwardly kept looking at his phone.

If Justin Timberlake was singing next to me, I can guarantee I wouldn’t be staring at my phone. This poor kid’s face has been all over.

Sometime late in the third quarter, the best commercial, in my opinion, came on.

It’s no secret I thoroughly enjoyed the NFL letting teams actually celebrate scoring touchdowns this season. The Vikings did not disappoint with their celebrations.

To get all of us fans pumped for next season’s touchdowns, the commercial showed Manning and Beckham, Jr. practicing a celebration.

As soon as the song, “I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” started playing from the classic movie, “Dirty Dancing”, I was hooked.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth it. Spoiler alert, Manning is not Patrick Swayze, but he can still do the lift.

From all the coverage of Minnesota’s hosting of the big game, it sounded like it was met with rave reviews from visitors.

Way to show the world the Bold North, Minnesota!

Brittany Moorse

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