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Spring & Summer are overrated

The calendar may say it’s April, the baseball and spring sports season are trying to say it’s April, but Mother Nature won’t get the hint.

It’s April and we’ve just had yet another snowstorm.

Winter at this rate is like that one guest at a party that is a lot of fun at first, but then keeps repeating the same jokes and stories over and over again. Winter is like the guest that over stays their welcome.

Two weeks ago my brother Grady said to me, “April 3 is our baseball opener. I will shovel the whole field if I have to.”

Sorry kiddo, there wasn’t a Viking baseball opener on Tuesday. Disappointed, instead, he watched the classic movie, “A League of Their Own,” on his snow day.

After all, “there’s no crying in baseball.”

Thursday afternoon is the Minnesota Twins’ home opener. It’s a sold out game with the possibility of being the coldest home opener ever.

We are the “Bold North” and the Twins do sell hats and mittens.

So what is so great about spring and summer anyway?

Winter can be fun too. In the spring and summer, there are always events to go to.

Weekends are always so busy going here and there. In the winter, there are many days where it’s too cold, snowy or icy everywhere. It’s the perfect time to catch up on any books or movies you’ve been wanting to read or watch. Financially, you can save some money in the winter by being trapped, I mean by being safely nestled in.

You don’t have gas to pay for, extra food or lodging costs and so on.

And, if there is a relative, friend or acquaintance that has been trying to make plans with you and you’re not to keen on going, winter has your back. Spring and summer will encourage you to go. They’ll even bring the sunshine and keep the rain away.

But not winter. Winter will dump 6-12 inches of snow on your plans and help you politely cancel your plans.

What’s so great about long family road trips? Someone always has to use the bathroom within ten minutes of the last stop.

Someone usually forgets something important like their toothbrush, shoes or even the youngest sister. There are always two kids in the backseat that can’t stop touching each other and they want the whole car to know it.

There’s always one or both parents threatening to turn the car around.

In the winter, those trips are usually much shorter and are easier to make it through. Spring and summer also encourage you to be fashionable and to be the real you.

Since it’s usually warm to go without a coat, people can see what you’re wearing and who you really are. Again, winter has you covered.

If you want to go grocery shopping or shovel your driveway in your pajamas, your bulky snow pants and coat can mask your fashion choices.

I’ve never seen anyone shoveling in Superman footie pajamas. I’ve also never seen anyone mow their lawn in Superman footie pajamas, so winter can help you live like your weird, true self.

Let’s talk about bugs.

Mosquitoes, flies, Boxelder bugs, and all their creepy and crawly relatives. Winter keeps them away while spring and summer welcome them with open arms.

I’m not missing being pestered by flies and itchy mosquito bites. In all seriousness, winter was fun for a while, but it’s time to take the show on the road.

I’m ready for baseball, green grass, ditching my coats, finding my flip-flops and showing winter how great spring and summer are.

Brittany Moorse

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