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The Dark before the Dawn

Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so the saying goes. This allergy season has been kicking my butt. From severe headaches to itchy eyes to a fever, it seems like the dark allergy and sinus infection cloud will not leave me alone.

I’ve been to Urgent Care twice in the past weeks with little relief. According to, over the past two weeks, the average allergy index score has been around 10.

The scale ranges from 0-12, with anything over 9.7 being in the high category. The pollen tracker also can tell you what types of pollen are prevalent, with this week being Elm, Juniper and Ash pollen.

Judging from the way other people seem to be handling this season, I feel a little better that I’m not alone.

A friend of mine suggested visiting a chiropractor. She said that an adjustment at the chiropractor had helped relieve her sinus pressure and she felt it was beneficial.

Since I’m willing to try pretty much anything at this point, I booked an appointment and hoped for the best.

After visiting with me and trying to pinpoint what is going on, the chiropractor suggested we adjust my neck and try acupressure. I have heard of acupuncture, but not acupressure so I was curious and said, “Sure! What is that?”

Acupuncture uses small needles to pinpoint pressure areas on the body while penetrating the skin. Acupressure uses a special type of needle that just applies pressure to an area of the body, in my case my sinuses, without breaking the skin.

I was much more on board with that idea than having a bunch of tiny needles sitting all over my face.

Thankfully, I didn’t have my contacts in or my glasses on so I couldn’t see exactly what was going on. Having a large needle close to your eyes is a little freaky.

But, the chiropractor is a professional and I had complete confidence in her. It felt kind of funny, like someone poking you without breaking the skin. It was also weird because I could feel the pressure in my sinuses starting to move and fade away.

As the chiropractor said, “We sometimes see people in the dark before the dawn, and sometimes it’s really dark.”

I’m not close to 100 percent, but I believe acupressure is starting to help bring me out of the dark, or out from under the dark allergy cloud.

Brittany Moorse

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