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Raise a glass for June Dairy Month!

It’s June, which means it’s National Dairy Month! On Friday, it was World, not just national, but World Milk Day. Monday was the cheesiest of days, as it was National Cheese Day! Dairy Month is one of my favorite to celebrate.

I have no problem celebrating with extra cheese and ice cream.

People around the country celebrate with breakfasts or dinners on the farm, farm tours, dairy shows, sales and specials at grocery stores and so much more.

Besides indulging in more ice cream, my sister and I are celebrating with presenting a “June Dairy Month” program at 6:30 p.m. next Wednesday, June 13 at the Minneota Public Library.

We’ll be reading some stories, making a cow craft project and we’re planning on bringing some cheesey treats to share. On Friday, a fellow dairy friend of mine was in the area delivering ice cream to his clients to celebrate dairy month.

He brought me some ice cream too and wanted to catch up and share in a favorite past time, looking at cows.

While eating ice cream and giving him a short tour of the farm, he stopped to perform a true millenial custom, to take the perfect photo for the social media site Instagram.

His photo was a lot of fun because it appeared to have one of my calves trying to swipe some of his ice cream.

He then asked me why I hadn’t acknowledged June Dairy Month on social media yet. It was a good question, but the truth was I wanted to do something a little different than in years past and different than what other people do.

This year, our farm social media page and my personal accounts are participating in a “30 Day June Dairy Month Photo Challenge.”

Basically, we just share a new photo of everyday of why dairy is important to us or just simply a favorite photo. It’s been fun so far.

Different publications and media outlets also celebrate dairy month in different ways. I read an interesting article on Tuesday from the Oshkosh (WI) Northwestern newspaper.

It was written by a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer and was titled, “This generation of women not just ‘farm wives’ anymore.”

I thoroughly enjoyed it as it described the growing number of women that have large active roles on farms and the growing number of women entering agricultural programs at colleges and universities.

The number of women in those programs have been growing so significantly, they are beginning to outnumber male students. I’m not surprised, as in my class of Dairy Production students at South Dakota State was 75% female with only a handful of guys.

This is a really neat trend here in the Midwest that I hope continues to grow nation wide.

No matter how you celebrate, raise a glass in support of your local dairy farmers this June Dairy Month!

Brittany Moorse

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