This shot of trees on land came from a glass bottom boat.This old church is the oldest on the island and is surrounded by palm trees.Swimming hole by the island.  I liked this old spreading tree with the island behind it on the Island of Ohau.I doubted if we’d see whales, but we saw lots of them, including the fin of this big monster.

Ole Pappy

This shot of trees on land came from a glass bottom boat. My favorite photos I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite photos taken during our trip to Hawaii. Keep in mind, they are much better in color.

LAUGH A LITTLE: Common sense? “How did the man who made the first clock know what time it was?” Or, If a deaf person goes to court is it still called a “hearing?”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “You won’t hurt your eyes by looking at the bright side.” Ole Pappy loved to throw in a zinger now and then — like not hurting your eyes looking on the bright side.

Thanks Ole Pappy!

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