The painting of the old malt shop on a wall at the Ray Fagen World War II Museum was the perfect place to transport my sister Caryn Chilton (left), of the Portland, OR area.

Ole Pappy

Two favorite places

Two of my favorite places in all the world are the “Terry Redlin Museum” in Watertown, SD and the “Ray Fagen World War II Museum” in Granite Falls.

A visit from my sister Caryn Chilton of the Portland, OR area gave me ample opportunity to visit the two places once again.

When relating the visit to the Fagen Museum to guys around the coffee table, I was shocked to hear how few of them, while living here all their lives, have not visited the museum.

The Fagen Museum continues to grow, both in number of airplanes and exhibits, but also in the gorgeous paintings on the walls which was done by artist David Reiser.

While the museum continues to add airplanes and other exhibits, it was the addition of the wall paintings that drew my attention. They are a thing of beauty unto themselves.

But they are more than that. They jump out at you, tell you about what happened during that very volatile time and begged you to search each painting for more and more details.

Those who don’t take the time to stop and visit this most historic and incredible place are missing a lot. I remember when I told my son Josh he should visit.

He thought there would be a couple of airplanes and that would be it.

But when he was finished, he said, “Wow, I can’t believe it. It was fantastic.”

Don’t miss this, or you’ll miss a lot!

LAUGH A LITTLE: No — I prefer to push Recently, I woke up to find that two of my car’s tires had been stolen.

When the police officer arrived, he asked, “When were you last driving the car?”

“Last night at 11 p.m.,” I said.

And the policeman asked, “And the tires were on it then?”


As my Ole Pappy used to say, “The definition of ‘character’ is what you’re doing when no one is looking.”

Ole Pappy was big on “character.”

He also was, “Quite a character.”

Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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