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Sentiment touching

Our friend Chuck Josephson in Arizona wrote recently to thank me for a story I wrote about my experiences in Vietnam.

It came from the speech I made at the annual Memorial Day Services at Minneota High School.

Chuck wrote:

I was very moved and impressed by your Veteran’s Day description of your experiences in military service.

The horrors and the heroisms you went through need honest depictions such as you give, as a reminder to this and future generations of the reality of what our fighters for freedom have gone through, all the decades of our history as a nation.

The chaplains I worked with during my service often remarked on the camaraderie of the soldiers that emerged as they fought for their country and you described that so well.

With Greatest Respect!

Chuck Josephson


Fact is, I was touched by Chuck’s sentiment. He’s the guy who has developed a pamphlet about Alzheimer’s after helping his wife with it for several years.

Chuck’s ability to help his wife, develop ways of handling the disease in his family and his ability to make the best of it, are things I admire about him.

Don’t get the idea that this is a mutual admiration society — it’s not. It’s just that because of what he’s done, his praise of my story and what I went through for my country, makes me feel very warm inside.

War will never be an easy story to tell. It will always take you prisoner when you tell it. But Chuck’s own story is not an easy one to tell either.

And I know Alzheimer’s has taken him prisoner — as well as his wife.

So Thank You Chuck for the kind words.

But My Hat Is Off To You My Friend!

LAUGH A LITTLE: Ole died! Lena came in to the newspaper office to tell me Ole had died. I told her she had five words for the obit and it would cost $10.

After several minutes, Lena had written Ole’s Obit. It said, “Ole Died ... Boat for Sale!”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “Don’t lower your goals to meet your abilities, bring up your abilities to meet your goals.”

Ole Pappy might have also said, “Don’t settle for too little. Set your goals high and go for it.” Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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