Ole Pappy

Weather Informant

My wife is a self-appointed “weather interpreter and informant.” While she is often at our Wisconsin home, she’ll be calling to tell me what the weather prognostication is — not only in Wisconsin, but right here in Minneota.

When I tell her it isn’t the way she suspected it was, she sounds as though she doesn’t believe me. “It’s sunny and clear outside,” I might tell her.

She’ll follow that remark with, “When was the last time you looked outside?”

Then I tell her, I have the window shade open and I’m looking at it right now. Just maybe, somewhere along the way, she believes me. But I doubt it.

“Well, the weatherman says you probably will be getting it,” she says, with as innocuous as possible a statement as I’ve ever heard. You see, we come from two different schools on “the weather.”

She wants to know at all times what the weather is now, what it will be in the near future and the extended future. For this she listens to the weatherman at every announcement.

Me, on the other hand, live by another school of thought.

When I walk out the door in the morning and there is white stuff all over the place, I figure it snowed. When it’s wet on the ground, I figure it rained.

When the rocks in front of me are hot, I figure it’s hot outside. Yes, her way may be better — but mine works for me.

LAUGH A LITTLE: Tough job! The hardest part of the job for a “medical provider” is to decipher what was written on the patients charts .. such as:

•Left nose fracture — but his right nose is OK.

•An autopsy was refused by the patient.

•She’s OK; she just went into heart failure.

•I think he has sleep apathy.

•Patient had a “Cadillac Arrest.”

•No other issues other than to say she was a, “Little on the slightly side.”

•This 52-year-old male patient with type 2 diabetes was dragged in by his wife. Enough said!

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As My Ole Pappy used to say: “You say the barn burned down. Look at this way — now you can see the Moon!”

Ole Pappy didn’t like bad things to happen either. But he had a way of making, as he’d say, “Lemons into Lemonade.”

Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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