Ole Pappy

People, not awards that are important

The Minneota Mascot received four more awards this year and I couldn’t be prouder. Come in and see our wall of awards and you’ll be surprised to see we’ve almost filled up the wall.

But it’s not the actual awards that excites me. It’s the people who make it happen. One of those is Scott Thoma. He’s a guy who has written a whole new chapter on reporting for a newspaper. In today’s world, small-town newspapers have to “think outside the box,” to get the work done.

And we’ve certainly done that. In the past, you tried to hire a journalist, paid him and likely had to consider benefits. But the time for folks moving to a small town to work for the community newspaper has, “Come and Gone!”

As they say. So we “went outside the box” and found Scott, who lives in Willmar, doctors there and enjoys his surroundings. But he has as many contacts and friends in Minneota as the rest of us.

Scott has, in fact, re-invented the “Staff Writer” position.

When he knows the story needs that extra touch he drives to Minneota to visit with folks, take their pictures and I suspect, “Spend some time socializing.”

It doesn’t hurt that Scott is a technically sound writer who is conscientious about the facts and getting them right. His three awards this year were for writing business stories, a political story and a feature article that tickled the fancy of those who remember the old “Red Eye” softball team.

The funny part is we submitted other stories in Scott’s name — most of which he thought were better than those that brought home awards. But that’s the way it is when journalists judge journalists. It’s all objective.

The next guy would likely see it all different. I’m also proud of our photographers such as Brian Jeremiason, who won an award this year and Sue Jacobson, who took home an honor last year.

That’s not to mention the great people like Cherri Schmig and Brittany Moorse of our office.

They put it all together, proof read the content and generally are the heart-and-soul of our small operation. So I say, Thank You folks. You are the “heart and soul,” of the Minneota Mascot.

And I am proud of all of you!

LAUGH A LITTLE: In a fog! A woman was sleeping when she woke up because the doorbell rang and the outside light came on. She woke her groggy husband and said, “The doorbell rang and the light is on!” He shook his head and said, “Huh?” She repeated, “The doorbell rang and the light is on.” He raised his head up and said, “Say that again.” Through clenched teeth she said, “Somebody is on the porch!” He looked at her and said, “How do you know!”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK As my Ole Pappy used to say, “I don’t support the death penalty because there just isn’t any margin for error!” Ole Pappy could throw out those one-liners and he usually made me think ... and most likely laugh.

Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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