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Wacky Commercials

It was hard not to like the fabulous Big Game won by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Imagine, a game Tom Brady DIDN’T pull out. Anyway, it was just about as much fun watching some of the zany, wacky commercials in between all the action.

Everyone has their favorites and we react different than the next guy. For me, there were some really high and really low moments in the “Commercial Wars.”

1. My favorite commercial was A Ram Truck commercial featuring a group of Icelandic Vikings riding in the modern vehicle and also singing, “We will Rock You,” while pulling the truck through open waters in their Viking ship. Doesn’t get much better than this!

2. “This Is Getting Old”. This commercial by E*Trade featured senior citizens doing remarking things like holding a fire hose that shot him all over the place and an older lady ‘rockin and rollin’ to the tunes. Very, very clever.

3. Touchdown Celebrations to Come. The NFL had this crazy ad with Odell Beckham, Jr. and Eli Manning dancing to the music — with each other — ending with Manning catching Beckham flying through the air. I didn’t know Manning could dance. It was very funny!

4. Odds of Winning a Gold Medal — Toyota. This clever, emotional piece showed a baby born with no legs, advancing through life and she got old, competed and got prosthetics, and her chances of winning a gold medal got better and better. It was very touching!

5. A MassMutual Insurance ad called, “I’ll stand by you,” really got to me. It showed veterans building a home for a 91-year-old veteran. Being a veteran, I really could feel this one.

6. The Bud Knight — Bud Light. This Knight rode into battle and everyone celebrated him coming to help win the war. Then he rides into a quick stop and picks up a case of Bud Light. Corny, but fun! Loved his “Darth Vader,”-type voice.

7. Alexa Loses Her Voice — Amazon. This commercial found the wonderful machine “Alexa” losing her voice and other strange voices coming on instead. One guy asked Alexa to play country music and she wouldn’t do it. I really thought this was funny.

8. Evelyn — Sprint. This robot asks the professor why he hasn’t switched to Sprint and other robots laugh at him and he tries to defend himself. Stupid, but very much fun!

9. Answering the Call — Verizon. Story of a lady who was rescued by firemen. She tells her story and celebrates her rescuers. Touching!

10. Five Senses with Dr. Oz — Turkish Airlines. Fantastic photography, colorful and fun to watch. It awakened all my senses. Extremely well done!

LAUGH A LITTLE: So that was it! A boy was milking a cow when a bull began running toward them. The boy continued to milk. Suddenly the bull stopped, looked at them and walked away.

The boy’s father asked, “Weren’t you scared when the bull charged toward you?”

“No,” the boy said, explaining, “I knew this cow was his mother-in-law.”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “How will you ever discover the truly amazing things in life if you keep dealing with the mediocre?” Ole Pappy was amazing — and he always wanted me to discover the amazing as well! Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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