Ole Pappy

A day NOT to remember

Nowhere in my mind did I plan the scenario that transpired on Tuesday. Prepare as you will ... as one prolific sage once said, “There is always the unexpected!”

Easter Sunday I was laying on the beach on the ocean in beautiful North Carolina, soaking in the rays, playing games of Bocce Ball on the beach with my son and grandsons and generally playing the part of a tourist (straw hat and all).

It was a relaxing, beautiful day — almost perfect in fact.

One more day of fun and relaxation hardly set me up for what would happen on Monday and Tuesday when my wife and I returned to Minnesota.

We knew we were getting back to Minnesota about midnight, so we planned to go to a hotel room and get some sleep before I drove home to Minneota to help the staff work on the newspaper.

The plan was to waltz into the office and put the paper together after the staff had gathered everything for me. But — it didn’t quite happen that way!

I awoke in St. Paul after about three hours sleep and was met by a blast of snow, ice, wind and cold that had buried cars all over the metro area and was making the morning commute difficult for drivers.

We drove carefully a few miles to pick up my wife’s car — then I planned to travel across the Twin Cities and hook up with Highway 212.

Remember, they were warning us to stay off the roads and be extra careful if we MUST drive.

With a plan of stopping often, checking the conditions and staying put if it was too bad — I crossed over into Chaska — then met 212. It didn’t seem so bad — so I continued on. But, the rest of the trip was met with few cars (they were listening to the weather man), icy roads and a few cars in the ditch.

But like the mailman who delivers the mail in ice, sleet, snow and hail — well, I drove on. After all, the paper has to go out. To make a long story short, I made it home, helped out and put the experience behind me. You got your paper, didn’t you?

LAUGH A LITTLE: big spender The man’s wallet had been stolen earlier in the week.

When his wife found out she said, “Why don’t you report it missing? The thieves will be spending on your credit cards?” The man looked at his wife and said, “They already are?” The wife got furious and yelled, “Why don’t you report it?” The man looked at his wife and said, “They spent less than you did.”


As My Ole Pappy used to say, “Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.” It was a backwards way of telling me to have expectations and try to meet them. But then, Ole Pappy always came at his point in a fashion I could understand.

Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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