Milk Maid

Last Thursday night, my dad and brother stumbled across a big, husky black Labrador Retriever running around in the cold and the snow. So, they stopped, picked him up and brought him home.

Cherri's Korner

I found this very easy recipe for meatballs from the, “More Lifelong Favorites” recipe book currently available for purchase at the Minneota Mascot.

Ole Pappy

As the television anchorman in Raleigh, North Carolina delivered the news about a “Very cold, cold front,” moving into the northern states, I sat in a comfortable, warm home provided by my son Josh

Ask the Chief

Did you know that putting garbage in someone else's garbage can be a crime? I am not talking about picking up some liter on the street and putting it in a trash can on the curb.

Milk Maid

Are you even a Minnesotan if you don’t like to talk about weather? The weather effects our lives daily and we as Minnesotans are proud that we survive anything that the weather throws at us.


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