Ole Pappy

Lois Ricke of Montevideo, formerly of Minneota, brought us a 1991 newspaper advertising the Minnesota State Fair and the shows that were on at the fair.

Milk Maid

It’s June, which means it’s National Dairy Month! On Friday, it was World, not just national, but World Milk Day. Monday was the cheesiest of days, as it was National Cheese Day!


 Dear Editor;

Enjoy receiving the Mascot. Left Taunton in 1955 for the U. S. Army and in 1958 for the Air Force.

Ask the Chie

Every spring, I am faced with enforcing City Ordinances and without fail I find some people who become very angry when I approach them on the topic of parking, mowing lawns or cleaning up their pro

Cherri's Korner

T-shirt scarves I was looking for projects to do with my girls this summer and stumbled on this project.

Do you have a favorite old t-shirt but you don’t want to give or throw it away?

Ole Pappy

It was hard to believe when I walked outside of the Minneota American Legion Monday night on Memorial Day and felt raindrops “Falling on my head.”


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