Ask the Chief

Domestic violence is a very real and dangerous occurrence in Minneota. The causes vary, but often involve abuse of alcohol and drugs, control, jealousy, anger, fear, resentment and much more.

Ole Pappy

When I tell most people I spent last weekend watching a, “Watercross,” in Grantsburg, WI they usually say, “What’s that?” So I explain, “These snowmobile racers drive their snowmobiles around a wat

Milk Maid

It’s hard to believe that we are almost through the month of July and that county fair season is here. I wrote in my column last week about the adventures I had in Redwood County last week.

Ask the Chief

On August 1, it will be a violation of the law to drive and use your cell phone while holding it in your hand. Are you prepared for the change?

Cherri's Korner

Nothing is better for a busy family than a slow cooker meal. Just assemble it in the crockpot and it will be ready by the time you are home from work.

Ole Pappy

If you’re a fugitive of the law, the Minneota Senior Center probably wasn’t a good place to be hiding out on Tuesday. Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt brought Sheriff Eric Wallen and Highway Capt.


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