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Please be smart. Don't drink and play with fireworks. Kids should not handle fireworks. Fireworks are for responsible adults. People work tomorrow, so keep it quiet after 10 p.m.

Ole Pappy

This week we’re celebrating The Fourth of July. What meaning does that have to most of us? Well, let’s see ... there’s a day off work ... fireworks ...

Milk Maid

Listening to the rain fall and thunder boom as you sleep is something that I miss during the winter. There is just something kind of comforting about it.

Cherri's Korner

 It’s that time of the year again, summer grilling and campfire cookin’. Everyone knows how to make S’mores over a campfire, but how about a main dish?

Dear Editor;


Dear Editor;

(To Editor Byron Higgin and staff!)

Keep up the good work!

Small town newspapers are a treasure.

Ask the Chief

A gas drive-off is when someone gets gas at a gas station and intentionally fails to pay for the gas. It has been years since I have investigated a "real" gas drive-off.


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