Milk Maid

You’ve heard the Minneota Public Library being called “The Gem of Lyon County.” Yes, it’s really unique because it’s repurposing the Big Store space into something new.

Day 1, June 24: Iowa to Dawson MN (Highway 212 ). Towns: Chandler, Lake Wilson, Russell, Lynd, Ghent, Minneota, Taunton, St. Leo, Dawson.


A guy on his bike; coming to our town Dear Editor; My name is Guy Strandberg and I’m sending you this letter because on Monday June 24 I’m starting a four-day bicycle trip and will be coming throug

Ask the Chief

Domestic Assault is a very real and present danger in every community in Minnesota. Over the past 20 years, it is by far the most common form of assault that I have investigated.

Ole Pappy

Standing in the doorway of the “Roundup” after coffee this morning, a farmer friend and I were watching the rain fall and talking about how all the water has created a mess for our farm economy and

Milk Maid

g movie trailers to see that reboots are dominating. Reboots are simply new versions of classic movies or shows. These reboots are being driven by nostalgia for those stories.


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