Mariah Muhl, Jacob Haen, Reese Gillund and Merissa Traen sought shelter under an umbrella at the Minneota vs. Springfield football game on Friday in Minneota.

Ole Pappy

When I see other newspapers, I can’t help but be thankful we have Brian Jeremiason shooting photos for the Mascot.

Milk Maid

I was listening to one of my podcasts on Tuesday, and the host of the show posed this question to the listeners and co-hosts.

Ask the Chief

I recently attended a meeting where we were asked to consider if we are victors or victims. It seems that our society would have us believe that we are victims of everyone and everything.

Cherri's Korner

Popcorn lovers rejoice: October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, a seasonal celebration of one of America’s oldest and most beloved snack foods.


Ole Pappy

One of the questions our reporter Scott Thoma asked me about was how we can make newspapers more appealing to our children. I asked 10 children if they read the Mascot. Two knew what it was ...

Milk Maid

When you go out in public, have you been noticing the number of people on their phones? Just say you are going out to eat with some friends or family.


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