Ole Pappy

Tales from the Cosmic Tavern & Lounge Column in the Galactic Gazette from my home town of Cosmos, MN recently took a blubbering shot at the guy I call, “Ole Pappy.”

Milk Maid

Minnesotans have been national and international leaders and contributors since before Minnesota was an actual state. I knew that two of the United States’ Vice Presidents, Hubert H.

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Dear Editor;

My expiration date on the paper isn’t due until February 1, 2019, but I like to be early. Hope that all is well in Minneota.

Ole Pappy

It’s amazing how life can come to a sudden halt when a former president dies. The word came out at the beginning of the week that President Donald J.

Milk Maid

On Friday, one of our readers came in to renew her paper. She and I visited about a number of things for quite a while, and I thoroughly enjoyed her visit.

Ask the Chief

Relationships can be difficult and when things don't work out between two people things can become very stressful when it comes to kids and visitation.


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