One of the markings in the Jeffers Petroglyphs.

Ole Pappy

Nothing gives you a better perspective on life than taking a “road trip” somewhere you’ve never, or seldom been. Last week, I was forced to make TWO ... not one ... but TWO road trips to St.

Milk Maid

Singing competitions, “soulmate” searches, being deserted on an island, cooking competitions, following a family with no real “talent” or dancing with celebrities sounds like a “grab bag”, right?

Cherri's Korner

Who doesn’t like bubbles in their bath?

But did you know that there is science behind those bath bombs?

Here is a “recipe” for bath bombs from Popular Science Magazine.

Ole Pappy

For several years now I’ve been living these two lives. One is in Grantsburg, WI where I have a home and a wife. The other is in Minneota, MN, where I have a business and an apartment.

The rabbits have been getting some extra salon treatment in preparation for the Lyon County Fair.

Milk Maid

Imagine it’s a normal summer day, a little hot and a lot humid. Now, you are walking into your barn and you are quickly engulfed in huge frenzy of fur.


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