Mariah Hennen and Summer Hennen were “hoop weaving” with balls of yarn.Logan Sik worked on a small project of art.Zach Van Keulen definitely got into the art he was creating. Isabel Bruner was painting Dakota horses.Allison Johnson was busy, along with others, making masks.

Art Integration

They came from all over the area — Canby, Dawson-Boyd, Lakeview, Renville County West and Yellow Medicine East.

They brought with them the proper tools ... creativity and a desire to keep learning about art.

Minneota Art Teacher Scott Hanson called it an, “Art Integration.”

Students had stations set up for them and they went from station to station, each adding their artistic flair to the individual art at that station.

There was an emphasis on creating “Native American” items — including the painting of Dakota horses and the art of “hoop weaving.”

In all, 176 kids attended, created their art and left with a deeper appreciation of the art world. It was truly a, “Art Integration.”

Not only did they learn more about art — but it was an excellent opportunity for socializing with kids who have similar tastes and abilities.

And the art world is the better for it.

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