Geography Bee winner Garrett Peterson showed his answer on one questions to the judges. The answer was Panama and it was correct — which reflected on Peterson's face.Joe Voit looked toward the judges to see if he had the answer 
correct. Nolan Van Keulen looked with a suspicious eye after he gave his answer.Hannah Fadness answered the question, then waited anxiously to see if she was correct.Those competing last week in Minneota were: (front row, left to right) Amadeus Molina, Nolan Van Keulen, Garrett Peterson, Hannah Fadness and Melanie Engels. Back Row: Joe Voit, Ben Schmidt, Gavin Welsh, Evan Popowski and Logan Myhre.

Peterson wins Georgraphy Bee in Minneota

You don't have to spell the answer correctly, but you've got to know the answer.

Garrett Peterson of Minneota won Thursday's Geography Bee at Minneota elementary/Junior High and will advance to regional competition.

In the end, he knew more geography answers than Evan Popowski, who came in second place.

The top 10 qualifiers from the school faced off with questions that many adults would have a hard time getting correctly.

They used both verbal answers to the questions and other answers written on a board.

The event is sponsored by the National Geographic Society. Running the local contest was Nancy Dilley, with Bree Anderson the Scorekeeper and Principal Jeremy Frie also helping out.

The other eight contestants were: Joe Voit, Ben Schmidt, Gavin Welsh, Logan Myhre, Amadeus Molina, Nolan Van Keulen, Hannah Fadness and Melanie Engels.

Second Place winner Evan Popowski.

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