Minneotans participating in the production included: Hanah Heidecker (left), Natalie DeCock (second from left), Madeleine DeCock (smallest girl in front), Elizabeth DeCock (glasses, center), Cora Bolt (between boy and Rome guard) and Dillan DeCock, emperor (second from right).

'When in Rome'

Home Schoolers from across the area got together last weekend their presentation of, “When in Rome,” at the Lake Benton Opera House.

Directed by Mike Hulsizer, the production told a story of ancient Rome, a time of gladiators, deceit, love and war.

“These home schoolers are always a great bunch of kids to work with,” said Hulsizer. “They work hard, they mostly listen, are respectful and full of energy.”

“They convinced me we could take a carnal story and make it God honoring. I’m proud of what they have accomplished,” he said.

In addition to the attributes of Rome, the story toused modern society and conveniences to mix in with the old time story.

The result was a humorous musical story of a young hero, a thief all for the beautiful princess and, of-course, a happy ending.

“That of-course depends on your perspective,” said Hulsizer.

“That’s because it’s all about the last gladiator standing.”

Minneota kids in the production included Cora Bolt as an Old Lady, Muse and citizen; Elizabeth DeCock as a maid and citizen; Natalie DeCock as a messenger, attendant, muse and citizen; Hanah Heidecker as Laffina (Senator’s Wife) and a muse; Dillan DeCock as the emperor and citizen and Madeleine DeCock as a citizen.

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