How to cook a turkey

The 2017 Edition of How to Prepare a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Mrs. Karen Dalager’s Kindergarten Class

“Get the turkey from the farm that has cows. I have to run after it to catch it. I will cut it into pieces and take the feathers off and then cut the beak off. Take the feathers off the head. Put the pieces in a big pan with no lines on it. Now warm up the oven and then put the turkey in it. The oven should be like 50 degrees. The turkey should stay in the oven for 22 minutes. Take the turkey and the pan out of the oven. If you want to eat it now that means you eat it. My mom will set the table. We will eat chicken first that was in the store. Then the salad, and then the turkey. We will have lemons for desert. After you are done eating, you need to brush your teeth and go to bed. Mom will clean up the mess but I will help her.” — Mikey Blancett

“We are having chicken soup for thanksgiving dinner. Oh wait, we will make turkey instead. I will get the turkey at Walmart in Marshall. I will bring the turkey home from the store with a car. I will cook it and when the oven dings you eat it up. When we are done eating, we throw it in the garbage. Then I will play outside with my friends on the slide.” — Kylie Davenport

“I am going to get the turkey at the store Walmart. Then I need to bake it. I have to unwrap the turkey and put it in the oven. Make the oven hot by turn the thingy. The oven has to get really hot… like 10 degrees. Keep the turkey in there for 12 mins. Then you can take the turkey out. My family will eat with me. We will eat ice cream and turkey and have apple juice to drink. After we are done eating outside we will go inside to sit down and talk. And then go back outside to just sit there and relax.” — Auroriona Gant Strandmark

“I will get the turkey from the dad’s farm. I will use a net to catch it. I will pick it up and carry to the kitchen. Now I need to cook it. I will use the stove. I will put the turkey in the frying pan. Oh wait…I think I will use the oven instead. It should be really hot…99 degrees. Put the turkey on a plate and put it in the oven. It should stay in there for 15 minutes. Now we are ready to eat it. We will also have corn, apple juice, and no desert. My mom and dad will help me clean up the mess from making the feast. We will put the left overs in the kitchen and I will go play.” — Aubree Myhre

“I will need to use a gun to hunt for the turkey in the bushes. When I see it, I will shoot it with the gun. It is dead now. We need to get it ready to cook it in a pan in the oven. The oven needs to be 20 degrees and the turkey needs to cook for 20 mins. We will need to make corn, vegetables, salad and apple pie to eat with it. Grandma and Grandpas will come to my house to eat too. When we are done eating we will play with toys like my coke cola truck. Mom will clean up the messy kitchen.” — Blake Citterman

“I will get the turkey from my Grandpa’s house. It is alive. I don’t like turkey but my mom and brother and sisters do. My grandpa will cut the feathers off and then we will cook it. We are going to use the grill to cook it for 60 to 100 hours. We will also eat corn and mashed potatoes and pizza and corndogs. My cousins and my friends will come to eat at my house too. For desert we will eat ice cream. Then we will have some fun. My mom and dad will clean up the kitchen.” —Pierce Ascheman

“I will get the turkey at Walmart and make sure I get salt and pepper. The turkey will need to cook at my house in the oven. First we have to scramble it, like sunny side up before we put it in the oven. The oven needs to be sooooo hot…100 degrees. It cooks for 50 mins. We will need milk to drink with our turkey. We are not having any other foods. Now we are ready to eat. I will clean up the extra food after we are done eating to save it and eat another day or a night snack.” –Jayvin Laleman

“I will get a turkey in the barn at the cattle farm. I will drive the turkey to my house in my car. Then I will decorate the turkey with potatoes and salad and mushrooms and chips. I will need to bake it in the oven at 4 degrees for 6 mins. I am going to set the table while it is cooking. Then I will get ready to eat with my mom and dad and brother. After we are done eating, we are going to clean the table off. Then we will go to bed to sleep for the night.” –Aaron Palacios Dominguez

“I will get the turkey on a farm. You know the turkey farm. To catch it, I will tie with a rope and grab it and take him to my house. I have to cut him up to get him ready to cook. I have to put him in a pan and put him in the oven. The oven should be 32 degrees and he should bake for 6 minutes. We will need to make potatoes, corn, peas. Then we are ready to eat. It will be my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma. My brother will eat the potatoes on his nuk and suck on it forever. He is still learning how to eat and eats mostly baby food. After we are done, grandpa will clean up the table like he always does when he bakes. We will all go in the living room.” –Aubrey Stefansen

“I need to make a turkey. I will need to get it from my farm. I will grab it and put a knife in its heart and take out the guts. I will put him on a pan and put him in oven and cook him. The oven needs to be 200 degrees and it will cook for 5 minutes. I will need to put vegetables around the turkey like carrots, broccoli, and celery…any vegetable. It needs a cherry on top to make it tastier. He should also have some cheese on him too. When we are ready to eat, we need some pepper and salt to make him taste good. My mom will clean up and I will have desert. We will have ice cream in a little cup with chocolate on it.” –Avery Knutson

“I will buy a turkey at Hy-Vee and bring it home. To get it ready to cook, I need to put it on a pan and put it in the oven. When the oven beeps, then you can eat the turkey. The oven needs to be 6 degrees and the turkey should bake for 5 mins. We should make potatoes and chips to eat with it. My mom, daddy, my sister, and little brother will be there to eat with me too. When we are done eating, I will wash my plate and then go to play. I will play trucks with my brother.” –Gracelyn Van Watermeulen

“I will get the turkey from a barn on the farm. I will catch it with a net and put it in a box and walk with it all the way home. The farm is really close to my house so it won’t be very far to walk. I will need to cut the turkey and rip the feathers off. Now it is ready to bake in the oven at 50 degrees for 10 seconds. While it is cooking, I will get peppers, carrots, and watermelon ready to eat too. My brothers have to set the table since I did the cooking. Now we will all eat. The leftovers go in the garbage and dad will clean off the table. We will wash our hands after we are done eating and then go outside to play toys.” –Kade Sussner

“I will get the turkey from the Minneota farm. I will catch the turkey with a BIG net and bring it home with the car. I am driving the car a long ways to get home. The turkey is in the cage is the back of the car. I make it home safe. I need to cut the head off and cut in half. I need to wait for my friends to help me cook it. We will put some ingredients on the turkey such as pepper and all the spices. To cook the turkey, we put it in the kitchen and put it on the stove. The pan needs to get really hot and it cooks for 9 minutes. We will need to make cheeseburgers, eggs, and milk to eat with it. After we are done eating, we will throw the turkey away and then go get more turkey for next year. That turkey will go in the freezer for later.“ — Keatyn Bouwman

“I am going to walk up to a farmer and ask for a turkey. If he doesn’t have one, I am going to a different farmer until I find one. It won’t run away from me because I am nice. I will pay the farmer with flowers for the turkey. I have a pick-up truck that I can drive to bring the turkey to my house. I will cook it with the feathers and the head and the feet on it. After it is done cooking, I will pick off the feathers and cut off the head and feet. Other people are going to come to eat with me. They are going to bring peas, corn, chicken, bacon, pancakes, and cereal to eat with the turkey. When we are done eating, we will clean up the mess together. Then we are going to play football outside.” — Mason Kopitski

“I am going to make turkey. First I need to go to Hy-Vee to get it. I will also buy cookies while I am there. Paige will drive me home because I can’t drive yet. I think she is 15 maybe. When we are home, I will put the frozen turkey in oven and clean up the table while it is cooking. The oven should be 16 degrees and the turkey will cook for 10 minutes. We will eat cherries and grapes with the meal. My whole family and my whole class will join us to eat. My table isn’t that big so some of us will have to sit in the living room. The grown-ups have to clean up the dishes while the kids play downstairs.” — McKenzie DePestel

“I have to kill the turkey with a gun on a farm. After I shoot the turkey, I will put it in my pickup and drive really fast to get to my house. I will set it on the kitchen table and work on taking the skin off with a knife. Then I will start the baking process. It needs to go in oven for 100 minutes at 80 degrees. When that is done, it needs to go on the grill for 40 minutes. You don’t need to turn it over on the grill. Just leave it. While the turkey is cooking, I will work on making eggs, broccoli, and skittles to eat too. I can’t forget to set the table with plates, forks, knives, and cups for water. Now we are ready to eat. My mom will clean up the mess and I will go watch T.V.” — Sawyer Williams

“I will get a turkey from a turkey farm. I don’t know where one is though. I will look everywhere for the farm. I will need to run as fast as I can so I can catch the turkey. I will cook the turkey right away in the oven that is very hot! It is 10 degrees until it gets burnt. Then when it is burnt, I will take it out of the oven and pull off the feathers. The head and legs need to be cut off. While the turkey is cooking, I will make ham, bread, and potatoes. My mom and brothers will eat with me. I will set the table and we will eat together. I will put the extra in the garbage but there won’t be much left since I will keep on eating and eating. I am going to clean up the food and table. After we are done eating and the dishes are done, I will go bed because I am so tired.” — Seirra Steineke

“We will eat turkey that I get from the farm that is outside of town. To catch the turkey I need to calm it down by giving it food to eat. I will carry it in a trailer to my house. It is taped down so it doesn’t fly away off the trailer. At my house, we will feed it more food. Then we lead it into the oven and shut the oven door. Now you need to turn on the oven for 3 hours at 60 degrees. Now we take the feathers off and then we are ready to eat it. After we are done eating, we will wash the feathers and give them to people who like feathers.” –Nolan Coequyt

“We are going to have pizza because I want to save the turkey. I will hide the turkey at my grandma’s house so no one finds him. I will make sure we have cheese and pepperoni pizza to make everyone in my family happy. But…I am also going to make chicken since we need a meat for our meal. To go with the chicken we will eat mashed potatoes, corn, and orange juice to drink. If people keep asking why we are not having turkey, I will tell them that it ran away but I am still going to feed it at Grandma’s house. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone.“ — Talia Fier

“I will need to get the turkey from a farm. The same farm where my horse lives. My horse’s name is Bunny. The farmer’s dog will help me catch a turkey that is living in the woods. I will follow the dog on my horse with my mom because the dog will go fast to find the turkey. The dog will carry the turkey to my dad’s truck and we will drive the truck back to my grandma’s house in town. Grandma will be in charge of cooking the turkey while I set the table up. Grandma is going to make mashed potatoes, cheese and salad. I have the table ready so everyone can come and eat. Everyone who ate has to help clean up while my mom washes the dishes. Now we can play anything that we want like building a train for my toy people to ride on. The alligator and the bear are going to ride too.”— Taryn Myrvik

“I will get a turkey from a farm by the railroad tracks. The turkey is awake but I will sneak up on it slowly with gloves on my hands to make it easier to catch him. Once I catch him, my daddy will drive my gator to our house. I have to hold on to the turkey so he doesn’t get away. Now we have to clean him with a washcloth to get him ready to cook. The feathers need to be pulled out. Then we cook him in the oven for 10 minutes while the oven is 9 degrees. After he is done cooking, we are ready to eat him. I will make sure we have chocolate milk and fruit to eat too. Mom and dad are in charge of cleaning up the kitchen and the table so that I can go play with my toys.” — Vance Claeys

“I will go to a country farm to get the turkey. You have to turn left to get there. I will need a gun to shoot the turkey so it doesn’t run away. I will bring it in to my house and wash it off in the kitchen sink. I will need a big pan to put it in the oven. To turn the oven on you have to turn the knob. It will need to be 100 degrees and the turkey needs to stay in the oven for 100 minutes. I will eat the turkey all by myself because I will be hungry then. I am only going to eat turkey because it is so good! When I am done eating, I will go wash my hands and face so that I can go play.” — Wyatt Opdahl

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