Happy Birthday Donnie!Folks were lined up ready to launch the balloons for Donnie Schuelke's birthday.

Balloons honor Donnie Schuelke

Donnie Schuelke loved homecoming. Had he been there Friday he would have been dressed in his suit — because that was Donnie Schuelke.

He died in a car accident this past summer, but his friends did not forget him.

At halftime, hundreds of balloons were released in honor of Donnie Schuelke, a young man with a ready smile and desire to help everyone.

Just before the balloons were released, everyone in the audience was asked to think about their favorite memory of Donnie. For those who knew him, that was not difficult.

Then, the hundreds of balloons were released.

Oh, yeah, did we tell you it was September 22 — and it just happened to be Donnie Schuelke’s birthday. Happy Birthday Donnie!

Balloons were handed out during halftime of Friday night's football game.

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