Kylie Callens of the St. Edward School carried off some of her winnings from the Mardi Gras Friday. It was part of the National Education Week festivities at the local Catholic School.Suckers were the order of the day and Sam Myhre enjoyed his.Teacher Elizabeth Miller got into the swing of things with a mustache as she pained a heart on the face of Addyson Pohlen.There were lots of things to choose from and Joseph Beisler studied his options before making her selection.There were lots of things to choose from and Brisbyn Traen studied her options before making her selection.Natalie Ratajczak and Autum Anderson looked over the table full of goodies to purchase.

Mardi Gras fun

St. Edward School spent a week celebrating National Catholic Schools Week.

When it was over, they got the opportunity to have a little fun at the annual Mardi Gras event.

Kids played games, won prizes and had a chance to have “a good time” after the week was over.

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