Natalie Bot (left) and Tara Thooft were part of the Speech and Sweets performance by the Minneota Speech team.Minneota freshman Ben Engels has been receiving great scores for his Serious Prose piece, “Hitchhiker,” all season long.Rachel Engels gave her Informative speech. Senior Cole Bot demonstrated a lot of emotion during his performance. Juniors Trevor Belaen and Ryan Vlaminck discussed how the Discussion category works. Sean Dilley was trying to inform the audience during his Informative Speech.  Tara Thooft (left) and Natalie Bot were part of the Speech and Sweets performance by the Minneota Speech team.Katie Walerius shows a lot of emotion in her Serious Drama piece.Zoe DeBoer hits everyone’s funny bones with her Humorous selection. During his Humourous speech, “Bible Camp the Musical,” Jacob Haen hit all the right notes. Cora Engels recited a section from her book. Cecilia Rabaey performed her original Creative Expression speech.Senior Sarah Engels has been entering in both the Creative Expression and Great Speeches categories. Sophomore Brenden Kimpe explained and presented about the Extemporaneous Speaking category.

Speech & Sweets

The Minneota Speech team held their annual “Speech & Sweets” event at the high school on Monday night.

It was a well attended event with all the members of the team performing their speeches for the public.

There were also plenty of sweets on hand too!

The speech team will be hosting the sub-section competition in Minneota on Saturday.

The top four in each category will advance to the section competition on April 14 at Southwest Minnesota State University.

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