Milk Maid

Why, you wascally wabbit! Even though I’m not Elmer Fudd, thank goodness, I still occasionally say, Why, you wascally wabbit!

Grady and Garrett had a chance to show off their ribbons, chairs and other awards before leaving.

Milk Maid

Last week was very busy and to add to the normal chaos, we were a little short handed on the farm!

Why were we a little short staffed you may ask?

Milk Maid


English singer-songwriter and Grammy winner Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite musicians and I think he is a brilliant lyricist.

Milk Maid

June is upon us and holy cow does it feel like summer!

June is one of my favorite months because it is National Dairy Month!

What is June Dairy Month?

Milk Maid

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and it marks the “unofficial” start to summer. The kids in Minneota have started their summer vacation even though it hasn’t felt like it.


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