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The wheels of education turn fast

The wheels of education are moving quickly in the Minneota area. Ivanhoe Principal Courtney Frie has accepted a job as a principal in the Lakeview School District in Cottonwood.

Her Ivanhoe position is being filled by Minneota English/Language Arts Teacher Heather Anderson.

That means, of-course, her Minneota position needs to be filled. Courtney Frie is the wife of Minneota Principal Jeremy Frie. They certainly have kept education in that family.

Jeremy Frie has also announced the fact that Minneota is continuing to add college-credit courses as curriculum in Minneota.

That means, of-course, that certified teachers are needed to teach these classes. Al Panka will teach the new college-credit math class. He’s certified to do so.

Recently, Christy Opdahl, an English Language Arts teacher, has also been preparing to teach college courses.

It seems this is the way of the future. In addition, several Minneota kids spend a lot of time at SMSU in Marshall instead of high school, obtaining credits that will help them in college.

In fact, some don’t go to school at all in Minneota but they graduate from high school just the same.

A big change for us was having to wait for the colleges to report grades to the Minneota School District so they can determine the honor students, valedictorian and salutatorian.

In fact, the final tallies weren’t available to us until just after our deadline. We were able to hold and get them in our Graduation edition — but just barely. This is no fault of the school — it’s simply a matter of the changing times. Yes, the wheels of education are moving quickly these days.

LAUGH A LITTLE: Slow down or stop? There was a man named George driving in his car in the middle of the night, on a highway. He drives until he sees a stop sign, and slows down, but keeps going.

A police officer sees this and pulls George over. George: Is there a problem officer? Police: Yeah. You just drove past a stop sign. George: I slowed down.

The police officer pulls him out of his car and begins beating George with his nightstick. Police: Would you like me to slow down, or stop?!

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “Be sure to take an interest in the future. You’ll be spending the rest of your time there.”

Ole Pappy wrote this one down in his newspaper, The Cosmos News in 1956. He liked to say things like this. Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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