Elementary winners are: (front  row, left to right) Raya MacKinnon, Etta Larson, Colton Bitker, and Aliyah Myhre. Back: Lyzah Sussner, Ryan Meagher, Garrett Peterson and Jason Verly.

April Elementary Viking Valor


Raya MacKinnon comes to school ready to learn each day with a bright smile. She works hard when it comes to learning new things and always wants to learn more. She loves to write and read books and was so proud she could finally remember the number 13! She makes good choices at school such as cleaning up the classroom or listening to her teacher. Most importantly, she is kind and caring to everybody and never lets anyone feel left out. We had a new student come to our class this year, and she was a great helper for him. Congratulations, Raya MacKinnon!


The Kindergarten teachers would like to award the April Student of the Month to a classmate that exceeds our highest academic expectations. Etta Larson takes her time on every single activity whether it be writing sentences, drawing or coloring, reading, or solving math problems. You will find Etta being kind, helpful, respectful and dependable. She is a friend to everyone and demonstrates Viking Valor expectations wherever we are. Congratulations Etta Larson! We are super proud of you and will miss you when you become a first grader!  

First Grade

The first grade teachers say Colton Bitker not only works hard to be the best student he can be, but also tries to be a friend to everyone in the classroom. Colton treats everyone around them with respect, is kind and always has a warm smile on his face. Colton meets high expectations by working hard to do his best and works to bring out the best in the people around them. He is a wonderful role model for other students. Congratulations to the first grade April Viking Valor Student, Colton Bitker!

Second Grade

Jason Verly is always trying his hardest in school. He is a thoughtful student with a kind heart. This month Jason has shown respect for fellow classmates and has been working especially hard at being the best student he could possibly be. He comes to school with a smile on his or her face, ready to learn each day! Jason has a positive attitude in class and not only works hard to be the best student he can be, but also tries to be a friend to others in the classroom. Congratulations, Jason Verly!

Third Grade

Alyiah Myhre who shows Viking Valor everyday. She demonstrates honor by keeping her work area clean and putting her stuff away when she is finished. She shows respect to others by offering to help classmates with AR and working quietly so others are able to work. Alyia also shows respect during class by being ready to learn and waiting quietly. Finally, she shows high expectations by challenging herself to meet Mrs. Crowley’s 100 percent challenges on reading IXLs and meeting Mrs. Stassen’s Study Island challenge multiple times. Keep up the fantastic work, Allie Myhre!!!

Fourth Grade

Garrett Peterson is deserving of this special award. He is a top-notch kid! Garrett is really good about following school rules, treating their classmates kindly, and most impressively, he really pushes himself in class.  Garrett asks a lot of questions and does the extra hard stuff in class just to learn more! He is a role model student who makes our room a better place….and he has a great smile! Keep up the nice work, Garret Peterson!

Fifth grade

Ryan Meagher is dedicated to his academics and work ethic. He is always ahead of the game in getting his work turned in, and willing to help others if they need it. He is also quiet when it comes to class, but his actions speak volumes with his classmates. Keep up the great work and dedication you show. Congratulations Ryan Meagher!

Sixth Grade

Lyzah Sussner is showing Viking Valor each day in and out of the classroom. She is always on task and works hard at each task at hand. She stays on top of her school work and displays a can-do attitude. She is continuously helping others and most importantly is KIND to everyone. She is a positive role model to their classmates and younger peers. Keep up the great work, Lyzah!  

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