Junior/Senior High: (front row, left to right) Anna Krier, Lyssa Kremin and Cole Myhre. Back (left to right) Faith Traen and Mariah Muhl. Missing: Tristan Sorensen.

April High School Viking Valor winners

Seventh Grade

Congratulations to Lyssa Kremin for being our April Viking Valor Student of the Month.  Lyssa is an academic wonder! She completes the tasks at hand and is always willing to help others.  Lyssa is a respectful students that is always a pleasure to have in class! Thanks for your efforts Lyssa!

Eighth Grade

Congratulations to Cole Myhre, the eighth grade student of the month. Cole is one of the most friendly, respectful young men in the eighth grade.  He’s always got a smile on his face and he is willing to help others as well as making sure his own work is done. Cole is involved in various activities in school.  He does a good job in all of them. He has many strengths and knows how to use them well.

Ninth Grade

Congratulations to Anna Krier the freshman student of the month! Anna is a polite and considerate young lady who works hard. She uses her time wisely and completes her work accurately.  It has been exciting to watch Anna grow from a shy 7th grader into the confident young woman she is today.


Congratulations to Faith Traen for being our April Viking Valor Student of the Month. Faith is persistent in comprehending and completing her work. She is so kind to teachers and her peers.  She is a role model to her classmates! Thanks for being great!


Congratulations to Mariah Muhl for being our April Viking Valor Student of the Month.  Mariah works hard in class. She is always willing to help her peers. I can always count on Mariah if a tasks needs to get done.  Thanks for working hard and being a responsible respectful individual!


Congratulations to Tristan Sorensen the senior student of the month! Tristan has grown incredibly since his first year here as a freshman. Coming to a new school was not the easiest, but Tristan made the transition and got involved with activities here at MHS and has done well. He knows how to stick to something even if it’s not the easiest choice.  This trait will carry Tristan far in this world. Best of Luck, Tristan!

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