Map used in Cathy Josephson’s presentation.

Icelandic presentation set for Bug Days

Cathy Josephson, a Minneota native, was at the East Emigration center Vopnafjordur, Iceland. One of the common questions Cathy would get from visitors to the center was, how did they travel from their homes to North America?

As a result, Josephson has put together a presentation titled, “Sails, Rails, Rivers and Trails,” that she has given in Toronto and Winnipeg to Icelandic groups.

“I saw the presentation in Winnipeg, it is excellent,” said Pat Johnson Brennecke, President of the Icelandic Hekla club.

“I spoke with her about presenting in Minneota for bug days since she was planning to be in Minneota for her class reunion,” said Johnson Brennecke.

As a result, the event will be held at 1:30 p.m., Saturday during Boxelder Bug Days at the Minneota Manor/Apartments. “So this was partially personal because my dad is in the Assisted Living Apartments, and not very mobile and knows Cathy well from St. Paul’s church and is of course Icelandic,” said Johnson Brennecke.

She added that the talk is not exclusive to Icelandic emigrants, so it will be enjoyed by any with interest in the history.

Photograph in the presentation.

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