Elementary Viking Valor Students for September include:  (front row, left to right) Angelica Towne, Faith Taylor, Kester Gillund and Jules Gossen. Back Row: Ryan Meagher, Addison Beach, Autum Anderson and Cole Johnson. (Center Mike the Mascot).

September Elementary Viking Valor

Minneota Public Schools have named the Viking Valor ‘Students of the Month’ for September.

Pre-schools Viking Valor award goes to Jules Gossen, an outstanding role model. She plays with everyone in the classroom, cleans up when it is time to clean up, follows classroom rules and is a good friend to everyone. She is always willing to help anyone and is always smiling! Congratulations Jules!

Keep up the great work! The Kindergarten teachers selected Kestler Gillund as the September Student of the Month. Kestler has made his first month of Kindergarten an amazing one by remembering to use his manners, always offering to help others, listening and following directions the first time they are given, and spreading kindness wherever he goes with his incredible heart. Kestler is so proud of doing his best and even encourages others to do the same. We are beyond excited to spend the next eight months with Kestler in Kindergarten! Congratulations!

In the First Grade, Angelica Towne is always trying here hardest. She’s is a thoughtful student who always greets others with a friendly smile. A good friend to other students, sje gets her class work done, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Angelica comes to school ready to learn each day with a bright smile on her face and meets high expectations by always being willing to help a classmate or teacher. She always has a positive attitude with respect and kindness. She’s a wonderful role model for other students. Congratulations, Angelica Towne!

The Second Grade student of the month, Faith Taylor, is someone who has shown an amazing amount of kindness towards others in the first few weeks of school. She met high expectations daily in the classroom by being ready to learn and by giving her teacher new ideas. Faith shows Viking Valor in the hallway, lunchroom and at recess and consistently strives to show honor and respect to her classmates and other teachers! Congratulations Faith Taylor!

The Third Grade students is Autum Anderson, who shows respect by being kind and supportive to both her peers and her teachers. Autum also shows respect for our classroom by helping to keep our room clean and organized. She has a positive attitude towards both her peers and adults. Autum meets high expectations by actively participating in class discussions and activities, getting her worked completed in a timely manner, and being aware of what is expected of her. Congrats, Autum!

In the Fourth Grade, Cole Johnson shows his Viking Valor evry day. He is very respectful and says please and thank you often. Cole is kind to his classmates, follows the class rules and works hard to meet high expectations on classroom assignments. He’s a a good classmate and works quietly on his tasks, making the classroom a better place to be! Keep up the great job, Cole Johnson!

The Fifth Grade Student of the Month is Addison Beach. She has outstanding character and always has the materials she needs, is in the right spot, and on task when class is ready to start. She’s a quiet leader in the classroom with a very compassionate personality is willing to help anyone that needs it. Finally, she ALWAYS uses manners. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear Addison say “Please”, or “Thank You”. These are the reasons why our Viking Valor Winner for September is Addison Beach.

In the Sixth Grade, the top student this month is Ryan Meagher. Ryan at has gone above and beyond to show Viking Valor in and out of the classroom!! It has been evident since day one that he is very deserving of this award. He’s constantly on task and doing what is expected. He goes above and beyond and treats each one of his classmates with the respect they deserve! Congratulations to Ryan Meagher on being picked as the September Student of the Month!

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