Viking Valor students in High School are: (front row, left to right)  McKenna Yost and Ireland Stassen. Back: Caleb Sterzinger, Ryan Dalager and Shawn Buysse. Not Pictured: Molly Krog.

September High School Viking Valor

IN THE JUNIOR and Senior High:

Seventh Grade: Ryan Dalager Ryan is a standout student and person. In a few short weeks, Ryan has shown responsibility in many situations, a willingness to succeed, and kindness to students and staff. Ryan, we know you will continue to be a strong role model and hope this year is a memorable one for you! Thank you for your leadership skills.

Eighth Grade: Ireland Stassen She works hard in and out of class. She always has her assignments done and is very respectful and helps others with their classwork when she has already completed the assignment. Ireland is also a member of the student council. She is one of only two Eighth Graders who made the commitment to show up and work hard every week. Ireland deserves to be recognized!

NINTH GRADE: McKenna Yost McKenna goes out of the way to help her peers in the classroom. When someone is need, McKenna does not think twice. She jumps right in and offers her assistance.

TENTH GRADE: Caleb Sterzinger He has been very kind, respectful, hardworking, and just an overall good student. He pays attention in class, participates in class discussion, greets teachers in the hallway. He’s kind to everyone, studies hard and helps anyone who needs it. Caleb deserves to be recognized as a great student at Minneota High School.

JUNIOR: Molly Krog Molly has gone above and beyond to stay on top of her school work when she has been absent. She has sought out her teachers to get her work ahead of time and has been working many hours outside of school so she does not get behind.

Senior: Shawn Buysse Shawn is working extremely hard in class and is rising to the challenge of some very difficult course work. He uses class time wisely and takes great care to do his best work.

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