Mmm....ribs!The winners of the Smokin' BBQ contest, from left to right, Eric Faris of Taunton, Nathan Freeman of Minneota, John Otto of Marshall, Mike Nagel of Marshall, Justin Steinle of Fulda and Cory Danneman of Fulda. Cory Danneman checks the ribs of the Smokin' Hamms team that also includes Justin Steinle. They won the public tasting contest and received $353.

The BBQ ribs ... ‘they were a smokin’

Cory Danneman and Justin Steinle of the Smokin' Hamms team from Fulda earned a $353 cash award as the People's Choice winner of the 4th annual Smokin' BBQ Cookoff as part of Boxelder Bug Days on Saturday.

After the win, the duo announced that the large impressive-looking smoker they had smoked their ribs and chicken in was being put out to pasture. “It's has a hole burnt into the bottom of it so we're retiring it and building a new one next year,” said Steinle.

This was the fifth ribs cook-off for Smokin' Hamms (a derivation of Hamm's beer) this summer and sixth overall.

“This was the first time we've been (to Minneota for Boxelder Bug Days),” said Danneman. “But we'll be back next year.” Smokin' Hamms did not wish to divulge the recipe for success of their ribs.

The public purchases tickets to sample the various ribs. Once they've tasted the ribs, tasters drop tickets into a bucket at the booth of the cooks they felt made the best ribs. The one with the most tickets in his bucket earns half the total amount collected in all the buckets.

In the judge's portion of the cook-off, the Chubby Hubby team of Eric Faris of Taunton and Nathan Freeman of Minneota was the overall winner based on the required combination of cooking ribs, chicken and a dessert.

Chubby Hubby also won for Best Ribs and Best Chicken, receiving a traveling trophy. “We cooked our ribs for about six hours, but one thing we did was put a rub in the ribs and then vacuum seal them for a few hours,” said Freeman.

John Otto of About Time BBQ from Marshall won for Best Dessert with his brownies.

Up in Smoke’s Mike Nagel of Marshall finished second overall for the three foods, while Otto was third overall. Winners received payouts based on the number of participants, plus engraved cutting boards and/or engraved mugs.

A large crowd could be seen gnawing the tender pork off their baby-back ribs Saturday during the 4th annual Smokin' BBQ Cookoff.

The event was held in the parking lot between City Hall and Veteran's Park. In the past, it was held on the Veteran’s Park grounds.

“The cooks liked having the cook-off on the tar,” said organizer D.J. Prellwitz.

“They could keep their smokers and grills more level and there was a little more room.”

Justin Steinle of Fulda checked the ribs he was making. Photo by Brian Jeremiason.

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