New wind generators are being constructed between Minneota and Ivanhoe, just south of Highway 19 and north of Arco. The Red Pine Wind Power, LLC project began recently and workers with the I.E.A. Renewable Energy, Inc. firm have been doing the work in the area, creating a new wind farm.

Construction currently underway

Wind generators going in

Construction work in Lake stay Township in Lincoln County of wind turnbines is currently underway. The Red Pine Wind Project, LLC submitted an application for a Site Permit for a 200.1 megawatt wind project in Lincoln County.

The original application filing was made on September 16, 2016, which was subsequently amended and the revised application filing occurred on September 30, 2016.

Project Location Ivanhoe and Arco are the closest communities to the Project. Portions of the Project are located in Ash Lake, Lake Stay, Limestone, Marble, and Royal Townships in Lincoln County.

The proposed Project is located in a portion of the state that has seen extensive development of LWECS over the past 10 years.

Towers are currently under construction between Minneota and Ivanhoe with the intent of creating extra energy for the area. Project Description The Project Boundary encompasses approximately 42,097 acres, of which approximately 30,597 acres are currently leased for the Project.

The Project for which a permit is being requested includes:

1. A wind turbine layout consisting of 58 to 100 turbines, depending on turbine specifications; the application describes the possible use of Vestas V100, Vestas V117, or the Vestas V126 wind turbines; and

2. Associated facilities, including gravel access roads, an electrical collection system, permanent meteorological towers, a temporary staging/laydown construction area, and an operations and maintenance (O&M) facility.

3. The Hawks Nest Lake Substation (HO81) facility and interconnection facility will also be associated facilities necessary for the Project. Both the substation and the interconnection facilities will be constructed by Northern States Power Company.

The Applicant’s goal is to commence construction of the Project in the spring of 2017, and achieve commercial operation by December 31, 2017.

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