Zebra Mussela

County board to monitor lakes for zebra mussels

The Lyon County Board Tuesday discussed the possible purchase of a used boat for $5,000 to be used for monitoring zebra mussels in county lakes.
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) concerns are elevated substantially for Lyon County lakes with the discovery of zebra mussels in Lake Sarah in Murray County.
The Environmental Department has been researching small used motorized watercraft and will utilize Aquatic Invasive Species funding dollars consistent with the AIS program to monitor county lakes.
Instead of purchasing a boat, Commissioner Steve Ritter suggested hiring someone who can watch the various lakes in Lyon County. Commissioner Rick Anderson agreed with Ritter and said maybe it’s time to operate on a “joint power agreement” with other counties to monitor lakes for zebra mussels.
“You can monitor lakes with a boat, but if you find them in the water it’s too late. You’ve got to work toward prevention,” said Commissioner Anderson.
“Let’s make the people who live on those lakes part of the solution (and use them to monitor the lakes),” said the commissioner.
“We need to work on prevention,” said Board Chairman Gary Crowley.
Commissioner Charlie Sanow said, “We do have money to monitor our lakes.” Commissioner Anderson added, “Right now it’s cheaper to monitor (the lakes) than it will be to clean it up.”
Commissioner Crowley added, “This is the direction we need to move,” regarding monitoring of county lakes.

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