This is a schematic drawing of the proposed Dollar General Store. It includes parking lot areas and a proposed detention basin. The new store lies along Highway 68.

Dollar General to break ground in September

The first visible signs of the establishment of a Dollar General Store in Minneota came Monday night when the company received a zoning permit from the Minneota City Council. The store franchise requested a permit to construct a building at 209 W. 1st St. along Highway 68. It will be located in the empty lot across from Highway 68 Liquor on property formerly owned by the company that owns the Minneota Building Materials, Inc.

The building is to be 85 feet by 92 feet with sidewalls 20 feet high at the entrance. “The permit from the Dollar General is quite extensive,” said Councilman Tim Koppien as he reviewed the papers submitted to the council.

The land is quite low in that area, but apparently not part of the flood plain. According to the National Wetland Map, “The property is not in a delineated wetland,” said information provided by the Zaremba Group.

“There is quite a bit of fill required,” said Joe Lucht of Anderson Engineering of Plymouth. He was representing the Zaremba Group, LLC, which is the parent company of Dollar General. “The city engineer would like some elevations to make sure we are all matching up,” said City Administrator Shirley Teigland.

“He just wants to be on the same page,” she said. Mary Ann Wervey of Zaremba Group told the board construction is to begin by mid- or late September and they expect the business to open 120 days from the start of construction — or about February 1.

The company generally constructs two sizes of buildings, 9100 square feet and 7500 square feet. Wervey indicated, “The smaller building,” is the one being built in Minneota and that, “Generally that’s the size being built in Minnesota.” She told the council they still have building permits to acquire.

The council briefly discussed the idea of the store coming to the community but indicated it wasn’t their position to choose who will or will not operate a business here. A schematic drawing of the proposed facility by Anderson Engineering indicated the building will be set back from the highway and a parking lot will be located in front of the store and to the northwest side of the facility.

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