Firemen climbed ladders to fight the barn fire at the Jeremiasons.

Fire destroys barn, livestock

It started with a hint of smoke rising from the ground into the sky.
It’s not something you expect to see when you step out of your house on a cold, winter evening.
But suddenly a shiver other than the penetrating cold began to sink into Brian Jeremiason’s consciousness.
His barn was on fire.
This was a week ago on a cold Tuesday night — and since then, there have been no solid answers as to how the fire started, or what actually caused it.
All Brian would know was that the barn was lost and so were 40 ewes and 60-70 lambs — all property of his dad Bruce.
The first hint of smoke came about 6 p.m. By later that evening, fire departments from Minneota, Ghent and Taunton had roared onto the scene
Then, later, so did heavier equipment from a neighbor. “We had to knock the walls down.”
Help from the firefighters was too little, too late to save the livestock, the building or the tools and equipment inside.
But it was enough to contain the fire and put it to an end.
“We just don’t have any official word on how it started,” said Jeremiason.
But as he assessed the damage, counted the loss and calmly related the incidents of that night, there was a calming revelation.
“Nobody got hurt,” Jeremiason said.
The man who has traveled the area recording images of athletes and scenes so often that he’s captured numerous awards, including the recent first place award for a baseball photo that appeared in the Mascot, was suddenly thrust into a new arena — recording his own tragedy.
“I took photos and gave them to the firemen,” he said.

Oh, he gave them to the Mascot, too!
Tragic personal loss or not, the desire was still there to do what he does so well, photograph the event.

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