Gubernatorial candidate Johnson visits Appleton prison

On October 10, Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson visited Appleton in order to tour the Prairie Correctional Facility and learn more about its importance to the region.

State Representative Tim Miller (R-Prinsburg), who joined Johnson and other local leaders on the tour and has sponsored a number of bills to reopen the facility, said, “Considering the legislation was approved in the House and Senate, it cannot be argued that the sole reason the Appleton prison remains closed is because of Governor Dayton,” Miller said.

“In talking with Jeff Johnson following our tour, residents should understand that if he becomes our next governor, I believe the Prairie Correctional Facility will re-open. It’s as simple as that.”

Johnson said after the tour, "If the state continues to struggle with prison overcrowding and under-staffing, Minnesota purchasing or leasing the Prairie Correctional Facility in Appleton is an obvious option and common sense alternative to building a new facility. Ignoring these issues is no longer an option."

Miller has sought to have the State of Minnesota purchase and upgrade the Prairie Correctional Facility in order to meet the State’s prison bed shortage.

Already constructed and with space for 1,600 inmates, Miller said the Appleton facility is the more logical answer when compared to Governor Dayton’s idea of spending at least $141 million on a brand new facility containing 500 beds.

Along with putting the state-of-the-art prison back in business, Miller notes the nearly 300 good-paying union jobs that would be created once it has been re-opened.

“Re-opening the Appleton prison continues to be a no-brainer, and I’m pleased to report Jeff Johnson agrees,” Miller concluded.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Johnson

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