Local 4-Hers garner awards at the Minnesota State Fair

Minneota 4-Hers brought home a load of blue ribbons from the Minneota State Fair. They were competing in flower, crafts and fine arts, quilting, vet science, food and nutrition, child and family developing, performing areas; meats and “Chef for a Day” categories.

Minneota area kids were able to nab eight blue ribbons in the 4-H portion of state fair judging. They were:

FLOWER GARDENING: Brooke Moorse, Blue.

CRAFTS & FINE ARTS: Cassie Kluess, Blue, Katie Landrus, Blue and Kira Gifford, Blue.

QUILTING: Isabelle Kimpe, Blue.

VETERINARY SCIENCE: Kaitlin Lingbeek, Blue.

FOOD & NUTRITION: Allison Citterman, Blue and Kaitlyn Ludwikowski, Red.


PERFORMING ARTS: Cody Gifford, Blue. MINNESOTA MEATS: Logan Schuelke, Isabelle Kimpe and Brenden Kimpe, Participation.

CHEF FOR A DAY: Kaitlyn Ludwikowski, Participation.

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