Proposed ‘County Based Health Plan’ would include County

A long-time goal of Lyon County’s Board has been to bring together various counties and agencies to provide a combined health plan for purchasing purposes.

On Tuesday, Norris Anderson of Southern Prairie told the board, “We want to get at the ‘why’ you should be going into a County Based Purchasing Health Plan.”

“Southern Prairie is looking at going into this plan,” said Anderson. “All are realizing county-wide purchasing is the way to go,” said Norris Anderson.

“The Integrated Health Partnership (IHP) has been a good program for us to learn and establish impactful health in our county,” he added.

Southern Prairie covers 12 counties in the area so it would bring together a purchasing plan for these counties. Initial goals include:

•Become a regional engine for health care transformation. •Improve the health of all people by working together in the community.

•Promote integration of local health care resources for better care delivery.

•Impact cost of care and stress on county based services. •Provide a strong focus on those individuals/populations needing it the most.

•County Based Health Plans: “You as a county government are able to direct the county health care.”

“It preserves your role in trying to provide health care to your county,” he said.

Norris Anderson pointed to the fact Itasca County has been doing this since 1998.

He showed a chart indicating three groups currently working with this health plan in the state.

“One thing that’s nice about Southern Prairie is we are 12 counties and we’ve always been united,” said Commissioner Rick Anderson.

“We have drawn support from this county-wide health plans,” he added.

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